Printed Design

Graphic design can be used as a form of art or a means of conveying information.

Best print designs are used for a variety of purposes, from advertising products to promoting events like :

-Billboards are used to advertise a product.

-Catalogue design is used by major companies to inform consumers about their goods.

-Flyer design gives small businesses an affordable way to reach customers. –

-Brochure design is often used by companies that sell services or goods, as well as by organizations that host fundraising events.

Another great example of large companies that use printed media, like flyer design or brochure design, are art galleries. Art galleries often offer catalogues at their receptions to introduce new pieces to clients, or they may have a number of posters outside advertising an upcoming show. All of these things fall under graphic design. It’s important for people to know about it because its a major factor in advertising, whether it be for good or bad. A big part of our lives involves graphic design whether we realize it or not. We are surrounded by it every day when we look at billboards on our way home from work, see flyers around town advertising something happening that weekend, read articles online with infographics as part of them – we don’t even realize how much impact print designs has on us daily!