Patternmaking Tutorial: How to Draft a Bustier with Bust Cups from La Modéliste

Welcome to La Modéliste’s tutorial on how to draft a bustier with bust cups! Whether you are an experienced seamstress or just starting out, this step-by-step guide will help you create the perfect pattern for your project.

To begin, it is important that you have all the necessary materials and supplies ready. You will need measuring tape, paper (or fabric), scissors and pins as well as a pencil or pen for marking your measurements onto the material. Additionally, if desired some tailors chalk can be used in place of regular pencils/pens for finer details such as dart markings etc..

Now let’s get started! The first step is creating a flat pattern from which we can work from; this requires taking accurate body measurements so that our finished product fits perfectly when worn. Start by taking two vertical measurements – one at center front and one at center back – these should both reach below where your waistband would sit when wearing the garment (this ensures enough room). Next take four horizontal measures around each side of chest area (underarm) ensuring they meet up with previous vertical measures taken earlier; also make sure they are parallel to each other across chest line – these marks represent where our cups shall go later on in construction process . Now draw lines connecting all points made previously using ruler/straight edge – This creates basic shape of bodice block which we now use going forward into next steps…

From here we must measure cup size required depending upon individual wearer’s needs: start by measuring circumference directly under armhole then divide number obtained by 4 = ‘A’ measurement ; repeat same process but this time measure around fullest part of breast = ‘B” measurement . To calculate cup size subtract A value from B value , divide result obtained again but 3= Cup Size ! Once happy with values calculated transfer them onto paper along sides already drawn earlier & mark darts accordingly…..

Lastly cut pieces out following guidelines marked onto material before adding interfacing & sewing together seams according instructions given within chosen pattern making book / online tutorials etc…. Et voila!! Your beautiful customised Bustier With Bust Cups Is Complete!!!